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Review: Edelkrone FlexTilt Head

Review: Edelkrone FlexTilt Head

von 6. Juni 2016

If I had to name one company that produces really great product porn, it would definitely be Edelkrone. The makers of the extremely popular SliderPlus also offer filmmakers a great many other camera related products. They can get quite expensive though. One of these products is the FlexTilt Head. In my opinion it is worth getting especially if you own other Edelkone products. Read after the break if the price tag of 109 Euros (plus 21 % in taxes!) is justified.

Compact and high quality

The packaging of this piece of gear, which is possibly the least expensive one from the Edelkrone shop, is pleasantly compact. Inside you’ll find a small printed card, two Allen keys, and the FlexTilt Head. On the card you’ll find the advice to check out the how-to video beforehand. The video can be found here. With about 7 minute runtime, it is pretty detailed.

Perfect for the Xiaomi Yi Cam and the Panasonic GH4

Something that makes the FlexTilt Head stand out from other Edelkrone products is that there is a ¼“ screw on the top, as opposed to the more common and slightly larger 3/8″ screws. But many cameras, for example the Panasonic GH4, only come with a ¼“ port. The FlexTilt Head itself is held in place with a 3/8″ screw. This makes it compatible with Edelkrone’s SliderOne or Slider Plus.


Very easy to handle

There are two ways to use the FlexTilt Head: one way is to use it without a dedicated stand, by placing it on a cupboard for example. The other would be to mount it on a tripod. As mentioned before, you’ll need a 3/8″ screw for that. If you only have an incompatible tripod at home, you’ll need an adapter. To affix the DSLR to the head, lift the rail with the camera mount towards the back. Next, camera and head are screwed together until the camera is securely locked in place. The screw is held in a round plastic grip. Fixing the FlexTilt Head to a tripod allows for a much greater range of movement compared to simply placing it on a Table or something similar. A tripod just provides much more stability.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 23.44.01

Depending on which camera model is used, there can still be a great range of positions possible. Heavier models obviously make the FlexTilt Head tip over much sooner than a GoPro for example. A word of caution: depending on the quality of the adapter used, you may suddenly find both parts having spontaneously separated: in my case the 3D-printed adapter just slipped off the nut. Thankfully I caught my GoPro safely.

Now here’s a little trick to get a camera pointed straight upwards without the help of a tripod. The mount is designed to carry the whole weight of the camera – even of one such as the Panasonic GH4. The only thing to do is to attach the camera to the front section of the head plate. In a few simple steps the camera can now be pointed straight up. To point the camera straight down, I recommend to attach the camera towards the back of the head plate.

Edelkrone suggests to align the FlexTilt Head’s levels of extension one after the other, and not to move both at the same time. Straight out of the box, the parts move only after a good bit of effort. The included Allen keys can be used to adjust the resistance to the desired level. The same applies to the rotational movement: the corresponding screws are placed on the FlexTilt Head’s inside.

A damn costly affair

Edelkrone’s accessories are, as the name suggests, really expensive (Edelkrone, translated from German means “precious crown”). While this may be expected of the big sliders and the Action Module, many customers may see the “more normal” products as overpriced – and they are absolutely correct. The FlexTilt Head remains, with a price tag of 100 Euros, “affordable” and so may be a good first step into the world of Edelkrone products. The materials used und the craftsmanship are top notch, as is the support. Unfortunately, the price tag will make many people lose interest in Edelkrone. This may stop a run on Edelkrone’s store, but potential new buyers are driven away at the same time.

Screenshot 2016-04-15 00.37.26

Nice gadget for travelers and video creators

The FlexTilt Head has proven to be quite useful for the production of Nerdbench’s videos: placed between the tables it allowed filming from new perspectives which otherwise would not have been possible. The usability outside is great, too: quickly shooting a video on the go becomes much easier, even without a tripod. Anyone who travels a lot and does vlogging in hotel rooms will cherish the reduced baggage. Currently, the FlexTilt Head sells for 109 Euros at Edelkrone.



- Great craftsmanship
- Quality materials used
- Easy handling
- Many creative opportunities
- Very competent and quick support
- Super fast delivery


- Really. Really. Expensive.
- Seriously. Really. Expensive.
- No adapter for ¼" screws (tripods) included

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Edelkrone does not stand for cheap products – something you’ll realize the instant you pick up the FlexTilt Head. The promo vids on the Edelkrone website don’t oversell the product at all: the different modes and positions are adjusted easily and it is a breeze to work creatively with the FlexTilt Head. If only the price was more reasonable.

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