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Review: Edelkrone Slider One

Review: Edelkrone Slider One

von Felix Knauß3. Mai 2016

“The best slider is the one you always have with you.” This, or something like this, would likely be the motto of Edelkrone’s Slider One. The Slider One is just 23 centimeters (9 inches) long, being able to move the frame exactly 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), but still claims to be a boost to the production value. You’ll find out after the break if that claim holds water.

Impressive Quality

I noticed right away when the mailman handed me the package that it seemed unexpectedly heavy. The reason is the high grade materials of the Slider One. During unboxing it really becomes clear what you spent your money on: There is nothing lose or shaky on the Slider One, it feels like solid quality. In the package you’ll find the typical card referring to the tutorial video, which runs just five minutes short, as well as an Allen key.

Made for 3/8″ Devices

The slider is, as mentioned before, just 23 cm long, 2.2 cm high and 9.5 cm wide. The safety lock, which is turned clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to release, is placed on the left side. With that, the camera may be held in a fixed position on the slider or, if there is need to transport the device, the mount is held in place. On the right side, the resistance can be adjusted to be able to move the slider either very slow or fast. The slider moves on a leather strap. Cameras mounted on the slider can weigh a bit over nine kilograms (20 pounds). Inside the middle rail a level is placed for checking the current image.

On the top of the mount sits a 3/8″ screw. Accordingly, this makes the Panasonic GH4 incompatible with the Slider One. But I use the FlexTilt Head anyway, in order to change the angle of the mounted camera. If one wants to mount the slider on a tripod, again a 3/8″ screw is needed or an adapter from ¼“ to 3/8″.


Small Movement Range

One advantage of the Slider One is definitely that it is highly portable. Due to its small size it fits every camera bag and is with just 500 grams (1.1. lbs.) relatively light. The crux for filmmakers should be the distance the slider can cover: The Slider One moves its camera only 15 cm. One may rightly call it a macro slider: When I’m shooting a review, 15 cm are perfectly fine for sliding sideways towards the object. For larger pictures, for example of a bicycle seat, the ride is over far too quickly.


Practice Makes Perfect

If the right equipment is in place, often the only thing missing is talent. Or to put nicely: “Practice”. This leaves the user with just one choice: try, check the outcome and, if necessary, try again. Only then does a slider like the one from Edelkrone fulfill its true potential. The most important thing the user needs here is patience – like so often in life. Objects and opportunities for practice are thankfully plentiful. Even if that may just be a GoPro on a table.

Perfect for FlexTilt Head

As mentioned before, the Slider One comes with a 3/8″ screw on top. I had already added a 30 euro Manfrotto adapter for my GH4 to my cart when I stumbled over the FlexTilt Head by Edelkrone. The FlexTilt Head comes with a 3/8″ socket at the bottom and a ¼“ screw on top. Both products together form a great combination, especially regarding perspective and sequences.

Those who like to protect their gear and hoped for a hard case as with the Slider Plus will be sadly disappointed: Edelkrone does not offer a case for the Slider One. In lieu of that, one may invest in a set of spare parts for 20 euro, once one manages to break the Slider.

Big Burden on the Budget

Really clever by the manufacturer: the Slider One’s price is initially hidden behind a button press. Once revealed, some may faint after looking at the price tag: The 15 cm sliding distance is valued at 189 euro including taxes. That’s a lot of money – especially since sliders with over a meter distance covered are already sold for 90 euro and below. With Edelkrone, the price is surely influenced by the quality but also the prestigious name.

Bright Future Ahead

My latest cheap slider lasted less than six months – with the Slider One I have hopes for a significantly longer lif03espan. If one doesn’t feel so lucky, one may add the lifelong “Protection Plan” to the purchase. But as with everything in life, money doesn’t always guarantee success: To get the most out of the Slider One a lot of practice is needed. I will use the Slider regularly in my next videos and I’m already excited about the increase in production value. Currently the Slider One sells for 189 Euro including taxes at Edelkrone.

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